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GazeAlyze was developed by Christoph Berger & Martin Winkels at the department of psychiatry of the University of Rostock, Germany




GazeAlyze uses some of the functions from ILAB in particular the methods for the preprocessing of eye movement data and the detection of fixations and saccades, written by Darren Gittelman from the department of neurology at the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University.

Gitelman D.R. (2002) ILAB: a program for postexperimental eye movement analysis. Behavioral Research Methods, Instruments and Computers, 34(4): 605-612.


GazeAlyze further uses:

Furthermore GazeAlyze uses functions for playing videos, contributed by Jochen Weber, from the SCAN Unit at Columbia University, New York, based on mmread, from Micah Richert from Salk Institute. Special thanks to Dario Bombari from Institute of work and organizational psychology at University of Neuchatel and Jochen Weber for helpful cooperation implementing analyzing features for dynamic ROIs.




GazeAlyze is provided under the GNU General Public License, gencode, ellipse, mmread and exportfig are provided under the BSD License.




Christoph Berger, Martin Winkels, Alexander Lischke, Jacqueline Höppner: GazeAlyze, a MATLAB toolbox for the analysis of eye movement data, Behavior Research Methods, 2012 Jun;44(2):404-19. (link)


© Christoph Berger, Martin Winkels (2013), department of psychiatry, University of Rostock




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