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System Requirements


GazeAlyze is a toolbox for Matlab and works with version R2007 or later. You also need to install the image processing toolbox (commercially available from MathWorks), if you want to use the visualisation capabilities of GazeAlyze like the creation of plots and heatmaps.


You can help to improve GazeAlyze. Please report errors and requests for new featurs in the GazeAlyze Forum (coming soon).



Version History


Version 1.7.0 was released on 15.12.2015 and can be downloaded HERE.

  • new variables: first fixation onset and first fixation duration
  • compatible with all Matlab GUI versions, including Matlab 2014b and newer


Version 1.6.4 was released on 06.02.2015.

  • bugfix in import function for Viewpoint PC60 (new Viewpoint data format import is still in preparation)
  • updated examples (still only Viewpoint PC60)


Version 1.6.3 was released on 04.02.2015.

  • bugfix in import function for TOBII
  • some other bugfixes


Version 1.6.2 was released on 18.03.2013.

  • bugfix in data quality report (signal to noise ratio)
  • bugfix first saccade direction (now compass related: 0°=up,90°=right...))
  • bugfix in import function for TOBII for invalid data


Version 1.6.1 was released on 12.02.2013.

  • plotting and analysis possible without trial sequence files (trial related information not needed, like stimuli, covariates, further condition description)
  • bugfixes in import function for TOBII


Version 1.6.0 was released on 10.02.2013.

  • creation and analysis of dynamic ROIs
  • navigation through videos
  • new import file types: MonkeyLogic and TOBII (Eprime extension)
  • some bugfixes


Version 1.6.0(beta) was released on 11.10.2012.

  • creation and analysis of dynamic ROIs
  • navigation through videos


Version 1.5.0 was released on 30.09.2011.

  • selectable file for ILAB settings
  • slightly updated documentation
  • small bugfix in samples control file


Version 1.4.0 was released on 26.09.2011.

  • new import file type: ISCAN ascii data vers 4.00

    Version 1.3.0 was released on 11.08.2011.

    • changed import settings: different trial marker strings can be grouped into one condition
    • minor bugfix in import gui

    Version 1.2.0 was released on 02.08.2011.

    • analysis export for each trial in separate rows or all together in one row.
    • bugfixes in analysis function

    Version 1.1.1 was released on 09.06.2011.

    • bugfixes in plotting function
    • added test data sample.

    Version 1.1.0 was released on 03.06.2011.

    • changed file structure
    • changed installation procedure.
    • bugfixes for layout on MAC computers.

    Version 1.0.1 containing some bugfixes was released on 02.03.2011.

    Version 1.0 was released on 04.02.2011.
















    © Christoph Berger, Martin Winkels (2015), department of psychiatry, University of Rostock




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