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A short manual for GazeAlyze is provided within the toolbox. It will be extended continuously. The GazeAlyze toolbox can be downloaded HERE.


Description of reported eye movement parameters :


(Labels used in statistics spread sheet)
Global data quality information  
blinks Number of filtered blinks
points Number of unfiltered data points
snr Signal to noise ratio: power filtered signal / power detected noise
Trial related and ROI dependent  
ford ROI order number of first fixation
first First fixation in that ROI? (0/1)
daMN Mean of absolut fixation duration within ROI
daCM Sum (Cumulative) of absolut fixation duration within ROI
na Absolut number of fixations within ROI
drMN Ratio of means of fixation duration within two ROIs
drCM Ratio of sums (Cumulative) of fixation duration within two ROIs
nr Ratio of numbers of fixations within two ROIs
Trial related and ROI independent  
dur Duration of trial
err Trial error (0/1)
cov Covariate from sequence file
fsac Ratio of fixations and saccades
path Length of scanpath in pixel (sum of distances between adjacent scan points)
saclat Latenz of first saccade
sacdir Direction of first saccade (0/up - 90/right - 180/down - 270/left)







© Christoph Berger, Martin Winkels (2013), department of psychiatry, University of Rostock




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