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GazeAlyze main features:


The analysis of eye tracking data is a central method to analyze the visual attention and the processing of visual information. The code of GazeAlyze for the detection of fixations and saccades is based on the methods of ILAB 3.6.8 (D.Gitelman, Behaviour Research Methods, 2002). GazeAlyze expands ILAB mainly with the capability of batched processing: the same process can be applied to multiple data files at once. Further features are:

  • Processing of eye movement data to static or dynamic (new in v1.60) regions of interest (ROIs) to pictures or videos.
  • Generating analysis variable spreadsheet (spss export) with:
    1. Parameters of cognitive processing:
      • Absolute cumulative and mean fixation durations and numbers
      • Relative fixation durations and numbers as fixation parameter from a ROI relative to the fixation parameters from another ROI or from the entire stimulus.
      • The fixation saccade ratio
    2. Parameters of visual search:
      • Spatial extend of the scan path
    3. Parameters of stimulus impact:
      • Region of initial fixation
      • Fixation order
      • First saccade direction
      • First saccade latency
      • First fixation onset (ROI related)
      • First fixation duration (ROI related)
  • Beside these analysis parameters some other settings relevant for further statistical analysis can be adjusted.

    • Report global data quality in form of the ratio between data points and detected blink points and the signal to noise ratio
    • Correct the data prior to analysis with the scan path shift correction parameters.
    • Report a trial validation measure. Trials are marked as invalid, if there were no accessible correction parameter because of noisy data and if the fixed gaze period ends with a saccade and this should be reported as invalid.
    • Report trial covariates from the sequence file
    • Report the whole trial duration, especially from trials with different durations.
    • Sort the trials by the trial or condition number in ascending order.

Other features:


© Christoph Berger, Martin Winkels (2013), department of psychiatry, University of Rostock




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